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Guard Training Center
Awarded Highest Job Placement Award
By the State of California
88% Successful Job Placement Rate!


Welcome to Guard Training Center. We offer a wide range of comprehensive training and certification programs and services for public safety professionals, private citizens, businesses, military, and law enforcement personnel.


We have three distinctive Training Divisions for your specific professional needs:

Public Safety



Security Training Division Tactical Training Division First Responders Training Division

Work in the growing field of Protective Services as a Patrol Officer, Bike Patrol, Fixed Posts, Special Events, Concerts, Executive Protection and Body Guard Protection. All you need is a California guard card. Security offers full time, part-time positions, for all shifts and areas! Guard Training Center is here to help you!We don't just train you, we have:

• ON-LINE REGISTRATION (3-21 days) to get issued guard card!
• Faster license approval with our services!
• Same day State Registration!
• On-Site Livescan!
• We do all the processing for you! (while you are still in class!)
• *Other facilities make you go somewhere else and make you mail your paperwork!
• One day courses!
• Training Packages (Savings)!
• Full Service and Job/Career Support Services!
• Multiple Certifications for job retention/advancement/promotion!

Call us now: 1-323-767-8484



“I did my Guard Card training last Monday at GTC and got my on-line approval on Thursday, very quick!”

Officer Aguila

“I went through your GTC class to get my guard card and I got a job right away!”

Officer Nuno

“Thanks a lot for the info about the jobs. I have been wanting to tell you that I got hired by Bel-Air Security, thanks for the job placement assistance! Now I'm the lead officer (SUPERVISOR) wearing two stripes! Thanks again!”

Officer Fulgencio

“Thank you for these wonder full time employment opportunities and job placement assistance! I now work for Securitas and I'm a SGT (SUPERVISOR) for Los Angeles County accounts. P.S KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK THE WORLD NEEDS PEOPLE LIKE YOU.”

Officer Hovsepian

“I wanted to send you a note to let you know that I have been hired at Guard Management Inc. in San Diego. I was hired today and will go through orientation on Thursday of this week. Thank you for all of your assistance in getting me licensed and getting the courses done that I needed. I have and will tell others who are interested in becoming a guard to come to you! Thank you again.”

Officer McConnell

“I just did Power of Arrest with GTC last week and got a job this week!”

Officer Clunie

“Thank you for the ON-LINE courses and making it easier to get your certifications. Already working!”

Officer McConnell

“Thanks to your services! I have been placed at a hospital near my house with U.S.Securities.”

Officer Neely

“Thanks for assisting me and following up for me, great customer service!”

Officer James

“Thank you for all the help in changing careers!”

Officer Risinger




Guard Training Center has set the standard for realistic use of force and firearms training. Our training delivers safe, effective and true-to-life training for security and public safety personnel and agencies throughout the Southern California area. All the basics will culminate, from stance, verbal commands, and tactics in realistic scenerios!

Our State certified BSIS exposed firearms qualification includes:

• 1 Caliber Qualification 
   1 Caliber
   (9mm, 40mm & 45mm to choose from only.) 
• NO extra fees!
• NO Range Fees
• NO Firearm Rental Fees
• NO Ammo Fees
• NO Lane Fees
• NO Target Fees
• PLUS scenario based training!
• PLUS Advanced Marksmanship Training!

“Before I started this course I never shot a gun in my life. I knew zero! Now, after Guard Training Center's Firearms Course, I'm more aware of my surroundings. I believe I'm more cautious. With these basics I feel I'm ready to this kind of work and I'm more CONFIDENT! This was an AWESOME course!! I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in firearms training and security work. It works!! Thanks Guard Training Center!!”

Officer Potter

“The price was exceptional for firearms training! I qualified in multiple calibers! NO extra fees! I spent all day shooting and buidling real world experience with the Use of Force Training! Guard Training Center definately prepared me well!”

Officer Aguila

“I was in the Marine Corps for over 7 years and the Firearms Training at Guard Training Center was very good! I learned some new things with the firearms course. Thank you for your excellent service Guard Training Center.”

Officer Dischler

“I was in the Army infantry and this by far has to be the best firearms training I have received! Firearms Training was EXCELENT! Use of Force and Scenarious were very good. Definately helped to heighten my awareness and observational skills.”

Officer Flmings

“The Firearms Training Course and Use of Force Training were really good. It made you thing on your feet. I NEVER had such good firearms training.”

Officer Rodas


Financial Aid Assistance

No money needed
Easy Payments as low as $50/month if you qualify
Various options available to ensure your success
No cost for certain eligible persons

What are you waiting for?

Call now 323-767-8484.




Public Safety Career Center

Guard Training Center offers the only Career Center available to security and public safety personnel free of charge!

Our Career Center provides a variety of resources for our security officer graduates in order to further their employment at NO EXTRA COST. Once you complete your training with us, you will be able to access our Career Center for FREE. Whether you are looking to improve your job qualifications, explore more opportunities in the public safety and security sector, find a new security job or hire an employee, our Career Center can help.

Some of the FREE resources available to you at our Career Center:

Computers for security and public safety job searches
Printers for your Resumes, Cover Letters, and Applications
• Job Boards / Job Openings
On Site Career Services Representatives
Assistance with Resumes, Cover Letters, and Job Searches
FREE samples of Resumes, Cover Letters, and Security Jobs
Our Career Center is located in the Los Angeles main office

Call Now or email us to reserve your course!


Call Us Now: 1-323-767-8484



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Guard Training Center -Los Angeles County
6400 E. Washington Blvd, Suite #108 - Commerce - CA - 90040

Los Angeles areas: 323-767-8484
State License: TFF 1303