Exposed BSIS Firearms Permit

Additional Information

Firearms Permit Classroom Training – 

Day 1 ( December  11th) Tuesdays

7:00 am-7:00 pm 

During your 12 of classroom firearms permit training, you will learn moral and legal aspects of firearms use, firearms nomenclature, weapons handling and shooting fundamentals, and emergency procedures. (See outline below) (must have proof of citizenship or U.S legal resident. Show copy of U.S Birth Certificate, or, DD214, or, green card, or Naturalization Certificate, or Valid un- expired U.S passport) Program fee for Certified Firearms Officer (CFO) $275 with guard card, or $200 if you already have a guard.

Firearms Range Training –  

Day 2: (December  13th) Wednesdays

12:00 pm-2:00 pm


The six hours of firearms range training will give you practice in safely handling and firing your weapon. You will shoot with live, real bullets. You must hit the target 40 times out of 50 to pass. (NO open toed shoes, NO shorts, NO sweat pants must wear jeans/slacks with a BELT with belt loops. Pay $50 for use of gun, target, ammo, and range material/fees for 1 caliber. Paid to the range at location. $107 for the livescan fee before you mail out, and $100 check or money order payable to BSIS when you mail out. An Assessment test fee for 60

Firearms Training

The BSIS Exposed Firearms class will be help at our partnered firearms training Fcility: 

Public Safety Institute TFF1303

6400 E. Washington Blvd 

Commerce CA 90040

Walk-ins welcome 8:30am

Certified Firearms Officer (CFO)


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Includes the CPO Guard Card certification, Exposed Firearms Permit and Pepper Spray certification. 

Day 1:  November 13th 7am - 7pm

Day 2:  November 14th 11am - 1pm